Thursday, November 11, 2010

The BIG Breakup

Dear Busy Season,

I have spent a lot of time thinking and I am under the belief that it would be best if we broke up. While we have spent the last two and a half months together, I no longer think our relationship is healthy. Although our relationship was tolerable in the beginning, I feel I am now in constant misery. You steal all my free time and prevent me from socializing with my friends and family. I am often cranky and easily excitable because of you. I no longer like the person I have become. You cause me to drink excessively, which may not always be a bad thing, but I’d rather drink for fun and not to drown out the pain and agony you undoubtedly cause me on a daily basis. I haven’t been able to sleep for over a month and constantly toss and turn all night long due to the stress you interject in my life. While the free dinners were a nice side benefit, I am sick of eating at crappy restaurants and would much prefer to cook for myself alone in my house. I am sorry if this is painful for you, but for now, this is something I need to do for myself and my sanity. Maybe one day in the future we can attempt to be friends, but right now I WANT MY LIFE BACK, so please stay away.

Love Always,